Q1. Mid function takes how many argument
Ans: 3
Q2. What is the function of Trim() function
Ans: Removes all leading and trailing spaces from string
Q3. Which keyword used declares a variable in VB.NET
Ans: Dim
Q4. How many procedures in VB.NET
Ans: 3
Q5. Function call(Byval i as integer,Byval j as integer) as long.
What is correct to call this subroutine?
Ans: Dim value=call(2,3)
Q6. How many Validation control in .NET
Ans: 5
Q7. Minimum how many parameter takes by MsgBox()
Q8.Which conversion function is used for convert to single value
Ans: None of These
Q9.Which function returns the length of a string
Ans: Len 
Q10.Which provider is used for Ms Access database
Ans: Microsoft Jet 4.0 Ole DB Provider
Q11.With...End With statement is used for
Ans: To assign values to several properties of same object
Q12.What is base class in VB.Net
Ans: System
Q13.The environment where .Net Application is executed is called
Ans: CLR
Q14.IIS is stands for
Ans: Internet Information Services
Q15.What keyword allows you to refer to the base class when writing code inside a derived class
Ans: Mybase
Q16.Which function is called to shows only current time of your system in VB.Net
Ans: TimeofDay
Q17 Which namespace needs to import for creating a file
Ans: System.IO
Q18.In the following which namespace is required for sending mail in ASP.Net
Q19.SOAP is used for
Ans: It defines the use of XML and HTTP to access services, objects, 
and servers in a platform-independent manner
Q20.The extension of Web Services File is
Ans: .asmx
21.WSDL is stands for
Ans: Web Server Description Language
Q22.What is metadata
Ans: It is binary information that describes the program that is stored either in PE file or in memory
Q23.Which namespace is required to visited new Url in VB.NET
Ans: System.Diagnostics
Q24.Server.Transfer() is used to transfer the web pages in
Ans:One Application
Q25.User control is saved in which extension
Ans: .ascx
Q26.Which validation control is used to Check the proper email format
Ans: ReguralExpression
Q27.Dataset contains
Ans: Multiple Tables
Q28.Which ListControl is used for inline editing
Ans: DataGrid
Q29.ExecuteNonQuery() function returns
Ans:Number of affected rows
Q30.Shadows key word is in derived class used for
Ans: Access that method or function have prefix as shadows