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TCS Placement Papers


3......TCS written test questions

1 There are 5 wheels (4 normal and 1 spare tyre). All the 5 wheels are used equally. The car travelled total distance of 40,000km. What was the distance travelled by each tyre?

Ans..a.10,000 b.32,000 c.8000 d. 40,000 Ans: 32,000

2. Three dices are rolled. What is the probability of getting a sum of 10

.Ans: 27/216=1/8

3. Given below is a 3*3 magic square. Find x+y.

Ans: 362 + 51*8= 362+408=770

4. A tree of height 36m is on one edge of a road of width 12m. It falls such that the top of the tree touches the other edge of the road. Find the height at which the tree breaks

. Ans: simple Pythagoras theorem

5. X,Y and Z take 12,18 and 10 days respectively to complete a job. X,Y and Z together work for 3 days and then X and Z leave the work. The rest of the work is finished by Y only. How many days does Y take to finish the remaining work?

6. A 9*9 Sudoku is given. Very Basic!


7. A product costs L Rs/kg for the first 30kg and Q Rs/kg for each extra kg. 33 Kg of this product costs Rs 1167 and 36 Kg of this product costs Rs 1204. What is the cost of 10kg of this product?

Ans: Rs350

8. A cow and horse cost Rs 200000. Cow was sold at a profit of 20% and Horse was sold at a loss of 10%. Profit earned in the entire process was Rs 4000. Find the cost price of the cow

Ans: Rs 8000 I think

9. 60% of the registered candidates in an election are from congress and 40% of the registered candidates are from BJP. If 3/4th of the registered Congress candidates and 1/5 of the registered BJP candidates fight election. What is the percentage of people fighting elections?

Ans: 53

10. 24 Men and 16 Women work 1600 units/day. Half these men and 37 women also do the same work. Find the work done by a single man.

Ans: 350

11. f(x^2) = [f(x)^2] = f(f(x)).How many polynomials of degree greater than 2 satisfy the above equation.

a.0 b.2 c. more than 10

12. George takes 30 days to do a piece of work and Mark takes 45 days for the same work. For the first 15 days only George works. Then Mark also joins him. Find the time taken to complete the entire work

. Ans: 24

13. J takes 16 days for a work. P takes 24 days for the same work. J, P and H do the same work in 8 days. Then find the number of days taken by H alone to complete the entire work.

Ans: 48 days.

14. The value of a product at the end of a year, declines to 3/4 of the value at the beginning of the year. If the starting value of product was Rs 40,000. Then what is the value of the product at the end of 3rd year.

Ans: 16875

15. M is 30% of Q. Q is 20% of P. N is 50% of P. Find M:N ratio.

Ans: 3:25

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