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Hibernate,Spring,Struts Training

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Introduction to Hibernate

Hibernate Architecture
Hibernate Configuration Files & it’s structure

Integrating Hibernate

Simplifying data access with O/R mapping
Unraveling the Hibernate architecture
Deploying and configuring Hibernate

Generating Hibernate applications

Developing the persistent class
Defining the Hibernate mapping rules
Storing and retrieving Java objects
Configuring Hibernate with properties file
Configuring Hibernate with xml file
Pros & cons of both usage

Hibernate mapping file & it’s basic structure

Handling Object Relationships
Inheritance Relationship
One-To-One Relationships
One-To-Many Relationships

Persisting Objects Using Hibernate

Handling Complex Object Relationships
Defining object states: transient, persistent, detached
Storing and retrieving Java objects

Hibernate Sessions

The role of the Hibernate Session
Establishing a thread-safe session object

HQL(Hibernate Query Language)

Selecting and filtering queries
Improving structure with named queries
Augmenting HQL with native SQL
Maximizing Hibernate performance
Accelerating data access via Hibernate cache


Struts Architecture
MVC and Model 2
Presentation Technology

Internationalization and Localization

Struts Tag Libraries

Action Mappings

Action and ActionMapping
Struts Configuration
Selecting a Forward
Global Forwards
Declarative Exception Handling
Global Exception Handlers


Working with HTML Forms
Action Forms / Form Beans
Relationship to Input
Relationship to Actions
Relationship to the Model
Relationship to Output
DynaActionForm and Map-Backed Forms
Coarse-Grained Form Beans

Input Validation

Validation in Web Applications
Validation in Struts
The Struts Validator Plug-In
Validating ActionForm Subtypes
Configuring Validation
Standard Validators
The ActionMessages Class
Error Management


Introducing the Spring Framework

Spring architecture fundamentals
Identifying Spring application components
Defining the n-tier application architecture

Applying Inversion of Control (IoC) and Dependency Injection (DI)

Delegating object creation to the Spring bean factory
Controlling bean creation with scopes and factory methods
Initializing and destroying beans

Minimizing Code with Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP)
Transparently applying common functionality

Evaluating the benefits of AOP
Defining advice, pointcuts and advisors
Minimizing configuration with Autoproxying

Building a Web Tier with Spring MVC
Analyzing Spring Model View Controller (MVC) architecture
Mapping requests to controllers with annotations
Processing commands, form submissions and simple wizards
Server-side validation

Integrating Hibernate With Spring Applications

Duration:50 Hours

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