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HCL Recruitment Fraud : Be Aware

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BANGALORE, INDIA: An anonymous group is sending direct recruitment offer letters to young professional posing as an HCL employee. The mail promises to send interview calls from HCL Technologies to the job-seekers against deposit of a stipulated amount.

The mail is regarding opening for the upcoming projects in Pune and Delhi in the IT and electronics manufacturing segment. The mail carrying ‘HCL Direct Recruitments Offer’ in the subject line of the mail says, “The company has selected 32 candidates’ list for IT, administration and production departments, as well as is offering you to join as an executive/manager post in respective department.”

HCL Technologies has refuted to such mails saying that it strongly condemns such mails and believes that these mislead aspiring applicants.

Ravi Shankar B, senior vice president and HR Head- India Operations, HCL said, such fraudulent mails cheat innocent job aspirants, misleading them into giving money with the promise of providing jobs.

“Such activities also tarnish the company’s image, even though the organization has no role to play in the entire crime. It is important both from the organization and people perspective that such crimes be stopped. We take such matters very seriously and are working with the police authorities to curb such malpractices,” he said.

Interestingly, the email carries contact details of a person called K. Rangnathan. On contacting Rangnathan said that this is confidential mail sent to selective candidates chosen from a known job portal. He added, “We are part of the HCL human resource department (employee ID-11538 ), and are sending this mail on behalf of the company- HCL Technologies.”

The email is asking the employees to deposit cash as an initial amount in favor of

Company HRD Department for Rs. 5,250 through any branch of Punjab National Bank to the company’s Senior HRD. After doing so, the individual will receive an offer letter with Air tickets for the final interview at the HCL headquarter in Noida on August 24, 2009.

It also promises to pay all the expenditure to at the time of the face-to-face meeting with the company official. The email is sent from undersigned by a person named K. Rangnathan, HCL – Technologies India Ltd, H.O. – A – 140, Sector – 27, Rajnigandha Chowk.

After depositing the amount the interested job-seekers are supposed to give the information to the Company HRD – direct recruitment by writing in to

Shankar added, “This issue is not restricted to any one organization and has been plaguing companies across various business segments. It is important for us to take collective and strict action against such malpractices.”

Recently there was such a scandal, where job seekers were taken for a ride in the name of Wipro Technologies, where again the fraudsters had asked for money from the job seekers.

So, beware of such fraudulent mails. Also let us know if at all you get any such mails.

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